The hardware and software listed below is for-sale (FS) or wanted-to-buy (WTB).

Got something to sell or something you want to buy? CIAMUG members can list items here for free. If you have an item to list, please email your item description and asking price. For most items, click on the seller's name to send them an email. Successful transactions are the responsibility of the buyer and seller. Other than listing the item(s), CIAMUG does not get involved in the transactions.

Item Status
Jerry Gegel
For Sale $25 OBO
UMAX Scanner
UMAX Astra 4000U flat bed scanner (1200 x 2400 dpi) available for $25 or best offer.  Has been on the shelf for several years but was working fine when "stored".  Phone: 309-266-7533
Larry Dunham WTB External SCSI HD.
External SCSI CD-R
Looking for internal (50 pin)or external SCSI hard drive in the 4-9GB range to put into a PowerMac
8500. Also looking for internal or external SCSI CD-r drive.  Phone:  309-697-2176
Larry Nelson
Garage Sale
6-2-17 and 6-3-17

and Mac (pre intel)

2417 S Kathy Ln,
Bartonville IL 61607


Apple III

Telex Magnabyte projector
IIgs System Saver
II & IIGS Grapler+ interface card
IIe external fan (2)
IIe joy sticks (2)
Speakers (3 sets)

Mac software

Phyla data base
VIP Basic
Web Painter 3
Check - It
MacLink Plus 15

Apple Software

Sider Software disks
Quark Word Jugler (IIe)
Apple Pascal (manual & disks)
Appleworks 5
Platinum Paint GS
X10 Power House  (IIe)
Typing Tutor II  (II+)
Accolade (golf instructions IIGS)
Higher Text  (II+)
Pointless  (fonts for IIGS)
Timeout  (spreadsheet, super fonts, telecom)
Nibble Documentor
Family Roots (Quinsept  IIe and GS)
Guadalcanal Campaign (II+ maybe IIe  5 /1/4)
Home Money Minder  (II+   5 1/4)

System Disks
Copy 2 Plus
OS 3.3
Prodos  (several versions)

Appleworks 3.0 Productivity Pak  (5 1/4)
Music Studio  (GS)
Math voyager (5 1/4)
Financial Genius  (IIGS)
Font Factory (IIGS)
Meal Planner (II+  5 1/4)
Shopping Basket (II+  5 1/4)
Mix and Match (learning software II+  5 1/4)
MicroSoft Multiplan (II+  5 1/4)


IIe (2)
Printshop GS
Imagewriter II  & I (2 each)
Apple 300/1200 Modem
Graphic Writer III
Appleworks GS
Apple II monitor
II GS  System software
II GS  Mem. Exp. Card Guide
II GS  System Disk Guide (2)
II GS  Setting up you GS
II GS  Technical Introduction
II GS   Owners Guide

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